Accessibility - returning phone calls

Probably the number one reason our customers prefer us to other services is accessibility. Part of that is simply returning phone calls. We wish we could answer every call 24 hours per day like the big companies. But what we lack in round-the-clock work hours we make up for in face-to-face service. We're not an international call center. We're a local business. But we do return our phone calls within 24 hours, and we even make house calls.

Speed - delivering quick results

We deliver complete 5-page brochure-style web sites for $1000 in two weeks. We know of no other service that delivers results this quickly.

When the end result is clearly understood and agreed upon by both the customer and the developer, the result can come quickly. We ensure clear communication by using fill-in-the-blanks web site specification forms.

Quality - publishing beautiful sites

What makes a good web site? The answer varies from person to person and from time to time. We strive to build the best web site for a given customer at a given time for a given price.

Included in our quality product is the capability to change and upgrade. We believe that maintaining flexibility and upgradeability is a critical component of web site quality.

Upgradeability - keeping sites current

Because the sites we build allow you to do your own updates, you can achieve a low-cost current-looking site just by using what we deliver initially.

But if you want to enjoy the very newest web features, you can always hire us later to do an upgrade or add-on. If you've heard of it, we can do it for you, and at a price lower than any you will likely find elsewhere.

Variety - offering a range of sites

Different people prefer different appearances for their web sites. To accomodate customers, most companies offer a variety of templates and color schemes. Well, we offer that plus a variety of technologies.

Check out the links above for Blogger, Moonfruit, Wix, etc. You can see not only different templates but different development environments.

Training - helping customers use sites

We provide local training seminars which are free for our customers. We also make house calls and demonstrate our sites right in homes or offices.

Other types of computer support

We often get requests for other types of computer support. While this is not our core business, we can often work out a case-by-case arrangement.