Web sites you can update yourself

Everything you see on all of these bizipub web pages was produced using "cloud computing" software which is available for free on the internet. In other words, if you knew how to use the tools, and you had the time to do-it-yourself, you could have made them on your own. Most people, however, don't have the time to learn every whiz-bang internet tool out there. That's where bizipub comes in. We learn the new stuff so you don't have to. We deliver to you top quality web services which we can update, or you can update yourself.

What's internet publishing?

It means putting documents on web sites. Companies have been printing stuff on fancy paper for years. Now they are putting the same information on web sites. Take your company brochure for example. You could spend thousands printing leaflets that customers might just lose or throw away. But online brochures are always in the same place and always up-to-date. If you need a paper copy, just print one. Of course, you can publish online all kinds of documents, not just brochures.

What's cloud computing?

It means using programs on web sites. Ever had trouble installing software on your computer? Ever had to buy new software after buying a new computer? With cloud computing there is no installation. You go to a web site with your program on it and save your files there. Use any computer with an internet connection. Use spreadsheets, word processors, and presentation software - even develop your web site using a web site! (That's what we do.)

1. Choose your technology

There are so many technologies to choose from that the process can seem overwhelming. And the technologies change so quickly that any decision made today might be made differently tomorrow. Variety and change are just a part of the internet world. We suggest that you accept this fact and integrate it into decision-making.

We demonstrate several different technologies by building our own bizipub web site using a variety of web site building tools. Click the buttons above to make your own comparison.

2. Choose your features

Each technology (Blogger, Moonfruit, Wix, etc.) offers options that are similar, but not exactly the same. First, decide on a technology, then choose the particular features you would like to have on your web site. Click the link to download a checklist.

3. We build it, you own it

Once you have chosen your technology and features, send us whatever pictures, words, product descriptions, etc. that you may have on hand. We will build you a basic web site. After that you can make revisions, updates and upgrades at your leisure. We will always be there to help you if you prefer, but we will not be in your way if you prefer to do-it-yourself.

Just like your automobile, your web site is your property. You own it. We'll help you build it, fix it, tweak it, or give it a complete makeover when you decide you are ready.