See before you pay

Ever heard of a computer company that shows you some results before you pay? Well, bizipub does just that. Here at bizipub, we don't charge a penny until you're satisfied with the results.

Flexible pricing - Pay only for what you want.

No maintenance fees

Unlike other internet publishers, bizipub charges no maintenance fees for brochure-style sites. bizipub updates your site for FREE for one year. We'll even do it for more than a year, if you want, though none of our customers has ever needed it.

Jump starting your "content"

Sometimes customers want a web site but they don't exactly know what they want to put on it. We cannot choose your words and pictures for you, but we can draft a site with stock photos and generic wording which you can edit immediately or sometime down the line.

Do-it-yourself maintenance

We will maintain your brochure-style site for you for FREE if you wish, but you always have the option of updating it yourself. You don't have to depend on us techies any more! You keep control of your internet presence and use us only if you choose.

Lots of "gadgets" (aka "widgets")

Add on all kinds of web features, most for no extra charge. These include event calendars, photo albums and slideshows, videos, RSS and news feeds, animations, contact-us forms, maps, blogs, forums, PayPal buttons and e-commerce features. Below are examples of widgets provided for free by Google Blogger (the tool used to make this web site).